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All innovation and expertise that can be found in the SE-hubs project is the result of the participation of 4 highly qualified partners.

PRISM is a non-profit social enterprise with the mission to create equal opportunities for the responsive progress of societies, communities and people – acting as a qualified development agent, since 2012, with its operational seat in the city of Palermo and its registered office in Enna, Italy.

PRISM represents a co-planning hub, open to public and private actors, for the elaboration of tailored development strategies and interventions, aimed at valorising diversity and sharing the social, cultural and economic resources of local communities, from an international perspective.

The PRISM concept originates from the heart of the Sicilian inland, upon the initiative of professionals working in the field of intercultural cooperation and dialogue, both on a European and international level.

PRISM has a wealth of experience in the management of projects with social impact, submission and coordination of local, European Union and international proposals, as well as delivering innovative outputs, related to non-formal education and community development.

At a local level, our strategy includes supporting the cooperation between local actors, both public and private, by contributing to the enhancement of professional and actor-oriented competences, in the field of educational cooperation and the internationalization of entrepreneurial practices.

Our locally based expertise includes:

  • Monitoring funding opportunities and promoting interventions throughout the territory, through the involvement and active participation of local communities and authorities;
  • Encouraging the development of local and transnational networks, as a necessary tool for the progress of integrated strategies within the territory;
  • Advising and supporting in the adoption of quality assurance measures and criteria for responsible and transparent management methods and tools;
  • Promoting the exchange of good practices towards a sustainable and shared development model;
  • Designing innovative solutions and tools, leading to the cultural and economic development of communities and territories.

On an international level, PRISM is active in the field of youth, adult education and vocational and educational training, with a focus on social inclusion, entrepreneurship and the empowerment of vulnerable groups.


Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law aka BCNL is a non-profit public benefit NGO based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our mission is to support the development of enabling civil society framework so that people can enjoy their right of association and be able to actively collaborate for a better world. We are let by our strong belief that NGOs are key leaders of change towards independent, inclusive and prosperous communities.

Being established in 2001 BCNL supports the development of society that is built on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. In the last 10 years BCNL is developing a Social Entrepreneurship Program that aims to inspire innovative cause-related business initiatives of NGOs as a way to expand their financial and capacity sustainability. Within the Program we provide them with:

  • Capacity-building resources to NGOs to develop their business ideas and plans;
  • Monetary investment in the start-up stage of social entrepreneurship initiatives;
  • Opportunity to become part of a community where capacity-building, networking and exchange of experience and ideas are shared as values and resources;
  • A combination of an online and offline space and services (through the online platform DarPazar and the NGO House) where NGOs and social enterprises can promote and sell their cause-related products and services, use office space, knowledge-based and training resources; 
  • Communication campaigns in the social and online media that promote the live-changing stories and impact of NGOs and social enterprises in Bulgaria;  
  • Advocacy support and leadership to keep the dialogue with various stakeholders and decision-makers open and active.

BCNL works nationally but also invests efforts in building strong trans-border partnerships with peers and like-minded organizations and companies. We believe that cross-border exchange shapes the next level for inspiration, innovation and community change thus we are convinced that this is of crucial importance for the successful development of the social entrepreneurship eco-system in Bulgaria. 

Main website:

DarPazar website:

NGO House webiste:

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute is a research and education institute, based in Athens, Greece.  It has the mission to foster and enhance innovation processes mainly in the areas of education and lifelong learning, human capital development, knowledge society and social inclusion.

The Institute exhibits an active interest in a number of social issues such as social exclusion, discrimination and suppression of human rights and has attempted through the implementation of innovative learning methodologies to moderate their impact.

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute contributes to the education ecosystem through R&D activities, creating open education programmes, collaborating and promoting collaboration with advanced scientific organisations and organising educational events. It has a long experience in the development of educational curricula and programmes that keep abreast to the new developments, social demands and European priorities and endorses a firm belief that real-world problem-based learning and innovative teaching methods inspire curiosity and improve learning ability, especially for disengaged and disconnected learners.

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute has been focusing on building entrepreneurial communities and to provide support to the innovators, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their ideas and create tangible solutions. It has persistently contributed in the development of an entrepreneurial community in its local context and has been offering support to potential entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial community [accelerators, incubators, hubs etc.]

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute has been contributing in the improvement of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, through the development of sophisticated curricula and education/training materials targeting both entrepreneurs, by the delivery of customized training programs and supporting services for potential entrepreneurs and the delivery of capacity building activities for business advisors.


The University of Lodz, established in 1945, is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Poland, ranked among the top higher education institutions in the country. The 12 faculties of the University provide 95 programmes and 158 specializations in Polish and 21 programmes in English. In addition, the University offers several doctoral programmes and more than 50 postgraduate study programmes. Currently, around 28000 students of all levels attend the University of Lodz, including 3000 from abroad. In this truly international atmosphere everyone can experience the cultural diversity of both the city and the institution. Our institution regularly hosts guest speakers, renowned politicians, businessmen and cultural representatives from Poland and abroad and also actively participates in many international educational and research programmes. The University of Lodz is also involved in numerous EU and national projects and initiatives supporting Entrepreneurship.

The Faculty of Management that will be involved in this project has over 5000 students. It’s our strongly held belief that education has a transformative capacity and our role as a university is to equip and train the next generation of students with the requisite mindsets and skills essential for success in a changing world. There are 9 departments in our Faculty including Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy where social entrepreneurship is one of the core subjects. The faculty carries out research in management-related sciences in cooperation with international partners, according to best regional and international practice. In addition, the Faculty of Management is the leading scientific and didactic centre in the region of Lodz, specialising in management-related sciences.

Another faculty contributing to this project will be the Faculty of Economics and Sociology in our University Among faculty staff there are experts in various research funding institutions, i.e. the National Centre for Research and Development, National Science Centre. The scientific problems conducted by the research concern: employability and competitiveness of young and old citizens, strategic human resource management, competence management, sociology of social structure, labour market of university graduates, science and higher education.

Our University is an organizer of many international and national conferences.


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