SENIMA - Social Enterprises Management

Project Title: SENIMA – Social Enterprises Management

Project Ref. Number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-VET-000033108

Programme: Erasmus+ KA2: Cooperation partnerships in Vocational Education and Training

Project website:


Description: As organisations recognize the importance of developing greater cross-cultural competence and innovation, diversity and inclusion practitioners like Social Enterprises are often the pioneers of innovation. SENIMA integrates the principles of Social Enterprising and Entrepreneurship to foster the development of greater cross-cultural competences and innovation in European Social Enterprises, thus increasing their chances of longevity and the quantity of favourable opportunities to fulfil their mission.

These are the project objectives

  • To educate social enterprises about the benefits of company governance;
  • To promote social innovation through the better understanding and education of the Social Enterprises Sector;
  • To develop a Toolkit and applied case study scenarios, as well as a platform to support the e-learning of staff of Social Enterprises;
  • To foster the active networking and mutual learning between Social Enterprises in the wider SMEs, Start Ups and entrepreneurship sector.

These are the project results:

  • Acquired Cross-cultural competences to equip social enterprises’ members with the skills and tools to enhance their business case and support them through the crucial phases of their development;
  • Developed knowledge and tools for new entrepreneurs in the social enterprises sector, SMEs and Start-ups to facilitate the growth and development of the companies.

These are the project resources:

  • SENIMA training syllabus, composed of four modules and the core essentials for specific topics:

– Module 1: Social Enterprises’ business models and Legal Forms

– Module 2: Innovation in the Social Sector

– Module 3: Financial Management for Social Enterprises

– Module 4: Corporate Governance and Social Enterprises

  • E-learning platform to enhance the learning process, integrating the syllabus with tools, applied case studies and other resources;
  • Toolkit and Applied Case Studies: authoritative and adaptable resources that can enable a target group to become familiar with an issue and identify approaches for addressing challenges;
  • SENIMA Certification, following examination on the learning areas of the programme.
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